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Track Multiple Shipments
Enter BL or Container numbers:



The Tracking input box below can be used for a variety of tracking purposes.

Enter BL, container or vessel name below:

BL/Container    Vessel

By Bill of Lading:

  • Track a single BL by entering the numeric portion of your APL Bill of Lading.
  • With a HomePort ID, you receive additional shipment details.
  • Input examples: 1234567 or 001234567.

By Container:

  • Track a single container by entering the container number including four alphas and six numerics.
  • With a HomePort ID, you receive expanded detail, including U.S. Stacktrain movements.
  • Input examples: aplu123456 or APLU123456

By Vessel:

  • Track a vessel by entering all or part of the vessel name.
  • Results include the schedule for the next ten port calls and vessel statistics such as vessel age and country of registry.
  • HomePort ID Required. Since the 9/11 attacks, in an effort to protect our vessels, we have required a HomePort ID to use Vessel Tracking.
  • Input examples: APL China or China

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